What we do
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What we do
Hicommands provides e-learning solutions across age groups, geographies and sectors. Our key focus areas are school learning, higher education and corporate learning.

Our core competence is to break down courseware/learning requirement into independent learning objectives, chunk them further into small learning objects and create a knowledge repository with multiple learning objects to cater to the learning needs of the target group.

We adopt learning reinforcement and evaluation techniques and embed them within the learning objects.

We have developed a range of sturdy, ready-to-deploy products that address the learning needs of key learning groups – school (K12), engineering, mining and banking. Whether you are an educator in a primary school, secondary school or an engineering college, or if you are in the mining or banking industry, check out our product portfolio.

Our mining product addresses the learning requirement of operators of major equipments like such as Dozer and Dumper. The core objective of these modules is to impart safety procedures and operational maintenance procedures of the heavy equipments used in mines.

This also consists of on-screen cabin simulations and facilitate multi-skilling of the workforce in the mines. In Banking, we are currently developing a portfolio of products that will help bank employees learn continuously about concepts, operations, regulatory requirements and so on.

We also offer our instructional design and content development services to deliver custom solutions to your unique learning requirements. We have successfully worked with various governmental agencies, educational institutions and corporates to develop custom learning solutions. Our instructional design experts work with the client to understand and break down the learning requirement. They then develop a powerfully direct learning process that the animators, graphic design and voice over artists translate into real learning modules.Talk to us to see how you can make learning simpler and more effective.